Can’D Grenade


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This is a 12oz Can “Cup” to hold whatever 12oz beverages you may enjoy. Whether it be soda pop, seltzer, or beer you can have a fun holder with (or without) a handle for it!

Creator of this Item is from HotRodHippie

© 2021 • Designed by: Alan Mandic aka MandicReally •

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Almond, Gold, Matte Black, Matte BLue, Matte Red, Beige, White, Clear, Black, Brown, Grey, Teal, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Neon Blue, Glow In Dark Blue, Green, Lime Green, Pastel Green, Neon Green, Glow In Dark Green, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Red, Silk Red, Orange, Fluorescent Orange, Pink, Pastel Pink, Fluoresent Rose, Purple, Neon Purple, Pastel Purple, Tan, Wood


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