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This is a Lithophane 3d print for photos that will show up when you add light to the item.

There is a Heart Lithophane, Night Light Lithophane, Lithophane Light Box,  Lithophane Globe, Flat Lithophane,  Curved Lithophane, and Christmas Tree Lithophane

Printed in White PLA filament. Need to upload your photos of the images you want to use for the Lithophane in the checkout page

With Lithophone I will print the item but not provide the lighting to light it up as this helps keep cost down for you, And this allows you to pick what you want to light it up. I have provide links with what type of lighting will work with each one

Heart Lithophane: Turn your pictures into beautiful heartfelt gifts for your loved ones!

Night Light Lithophane: This is a Night Light Lithophane. The light used is here. (Must order your own light)

Lithophane Light Box: Turn your photos into a lithophane light box, The light to use with this can be found here (Must order your own Light)

Lithophane Globe: Turn your picture into a spherical lithophane, Light can be found here (Must order your own Light)

Flat Lithophane:  Turn a photo into a hangable flat lithophane . You can buy twine here and suction cups here, to hang the lithophane

Curved Lithophane: Turn a photo into a curved lithophane. You can use a LED candle

Christmas Tree Lithophane: Turn your picture into a tree lithophane, Use a Tea Light for lighting

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Heart, Night Light Lithophane, Light Box Lithophane, Lithophane Globe, Flat Lithophane, Curved Lithophane, Christmas Tree Lithophane


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